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Tips & Advice: Protect your car

  1. Demystifying No-fault Insurance in Quebec
  2. Tips & Advice: Protect your car What is Your Claims History Statement?

    This advertorial is brought to you by Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) . You contact a new insurer to find out if you can… Full story

  3. Tips & Advice: Protect your car How Much Does A/C Affect Fuel Consumption?

    Using air conditioning in the summer is part of the daily routine of most drivers. However, it can have a significant impact on the vehicle’s performance. More specifically, refreshing the cabin with A/C increases fuel consumption by up to 20 percent because of the extra load on the engine, according … Full story

  4. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Hot Weather Tips to Protect Your Car This Summer

    Summer heat can have dangerous effects not just on humans and pets, but also on automobiles. Anytime temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, the various components that make them work are seriously put to the test. In order to give your car a chance to survive those hot days without any … Full story

  5. Tips & Advice: Protect your car These Body Care Products are Bad for Your Car

    Summer has arrived and that means plenty of sunshine, fun activities and, yes, mosquitos. It’s a good thing for your body and your physical health to use products like sunscreens, hand sanitizers and insect repellents, but here’s the thing: Your car probably hates them. You see, the chemicals they contain … Full story

  6. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Why is My Insurance Premium Going Up?

    This advertorial is brought to you by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) You’re a good driver. You haven’t had any accidents. And yet, your insurance premium is going up. Why? Claims have gone up, as has the cost of auto repairs, over the past several years. With more claim … Full story

  7. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Most Drivers Use the Wrong Techniques with Potholes

    Are you tired of driving through craters every time winter gives way to spring? The experience can be pretty unsettling, if not terrifying, and damages can prove to be costly. Allstate Insurance of Canada recently polled Quebec drivers and found that 78 percent use the wrong techniques when approaching potholes. Full story

  8. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Who Should you Trust Your Vehicle to?

    Like most people, you feel an attachment to their vehicle. Because this mode of transportation brings a sense of freedom and pride, you tend to take good care of it. Considering this investment is so important, you likely want to keep it for a long time while maintaining the same … Full story

  9. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Car Accident: Who’s Liable?

    This article is an advertorial brought to you by le Groupement des assureurs automobile Auto insurance compensation rules aren’t always well understood. Here’s how they actually work. It’s Your Insurer that Establishes your Liability in a Collision Even if the police come to the scene of an accident, they’re not … Full story

  10. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Broken Windshield: What Should I Do?

    This article is an advertorial brought to you by a Car Guide Partner A broken windshield, or other automotive glass parts, is very rarely something we plan for. Whether the unlucky casualty of an errant rock flying at your car, a cold weather storm that creates a stress fracture or, … Full story

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