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  1. Test Drives 2009 Mazda6: A change of course...

    A few whales, some majestic landscapes, an almost infinite number of little bars (more than 70 in less than two kilometres) and a completely new Mazda6…that is what the Mazda Canada team that invited us to the St. John’s, Newfoundland helped us discover. Obviously, having us visit a record number … Full story

    Rating : 4.5/5

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  2. Test Drives Volkswagen Jetta wagon 2009: A category all its own!

    It’s no secret that the automobile market consists largely of products that are not made with you directly in mind. That vehicles are made to please American tastes should come as no surprise given that more cars are sold in a few weeks in the United States than are sold … Full story

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  3. Features and Tips BMW advanced driver training: Better than an airbag!

    For quite some time, manufacturers have been making big efforts to improve vehicle safety and save lives in cases of accidents. In fact, we could even accuse them of going a bit too far, as some systems, while genuinely effective, hinder your sense of control over the vehicle. In short, … Full story

  4. Test Drives GMC Sierra 1500 long-term trial: Choose your pickup wisely!

    There is a wide range of pickup trucks on the market, so it is important to determine your needs before plunging headlong into a purchase. Depending on what the vehicle’s main use will be, some configurations are better than others. With all of the choices out there, sometimes even from … Full story

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  5. First Drives 2009 Audi S4: A true sleeper

    A “sleeper” is a very powerful car that does not flaunt its superiority. An iron hand in a velvet glove, if you will. The Audi A4 has not been available in North America for very long at all and the S4 has already reared its head. For those of you … Full story

  6. Test Drives BMW M3: As practical as it is fast

    If you consider only its technical features and its performance numbers, the BMW M3 Coupe is nothing like a family car. The data paints the picture of a road rocket with bad suspension sucking high octane gas like its going out of style while providing minimal comfort. Not exactly the … Full story

    Filed in: BMW | 3 Series

  7. Test Drives 2009 Saturn Astra: What do the dealers think?

    In anticipation of the Astra’s arrival, I said to myself, "finally, this division is bold enough to give us quality products directly from its European Opel line, and finally, we are getting rid of what I always considered a bad joke, the Saturn ION." And you know what? I was … Full story

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  8. First Drives 2009 Toyota Venza: Pulling a rabbit out of a hat?

    If you’re like me, you have barely heard anything at all about the Venza 2009, a vehicle that will be on sale beginning in January. There were no Internet rumours about Toyota’s newest release, no grandiose unveiling at one of the car shows, we didn’t see multiple spy-photos and the … Full story

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  9. Test Drives 2008 Audi TT Roadster, the other roadster...

    This case notwithstanding, a roadster is normally defined as a two-seat convertible sports car with rear-wheel drive. However, since the start of the new millennium, Audi is boldly offering a roadster with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. In the past, of course, other manufacturers have tried different drive systems, … Full story

    Filed in: Audi | TT

  10. Test Drives GMC Sierra 1500: The conclusion of our extended test drive

    A little more than three months ago, we began our long-term test of the Sierra 1500 and the time has already come to return the keys. I must admit that I will miss the practical aspect of this type of vehicle, especially for life in the country. In fact, not … Full story

    Filed in: GMC | Sierra

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