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  1. Engine

    On certain vehicles, the rear insulation mat within the engine compartment might deform, deteriorate and loosen, allowing it to contact hot exhaust system components. This could lead to ignition of … more

    • 2008 smart Fortwo

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  2. Powertrain

    On certain vehicles equipped with a double clutch transmission, the actuation lock inside the gearshift lever module may not function as designed. As a result, the gearshift lever might be … more

    • 2016 smart Fortwo

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  3. Steering

    On certain vehicles, the left front axle steering knuckle may have some casting imperfections that could reduce the strength of the knuckle. This could potentially cause the left front steering … more

    • 2017 smart Fortwo

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  4. Brakes

    On certain vehicles, the lock nut that secures the bowden cable to the parking brake lever might loosen over time, which may result in increased parking brake lever travel. Should … more

    • 2016 smart Fortwo

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  5. Lights And Instruments

    Certain vehicles may not comply with the requirements of Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) 108 - Lighting System and Retroreflective Devices. Vehicles may have been assembled with headlamps that … more

    • 2015 smart Fortwo

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  6. Other

    On certain vehicles, corrosion and/or dust accumulation may impair the function of the driver and passenger door latches and cause the latch pawl to stick. If this occurs, the door … more

    • 2005 smart Fortwo

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  7. Seats And Restraints

    On certain vehicles, the driver and passenger seat fastening bolts attaching the backrest and seat shell to the seat rails and the fastening bolts of the seat belt buckle may … more

    • 2006 smart Fortwo

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