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  1. Structure

    Certain vehicles may be missing a support bracket where the front fuel tank strap attaches to the frame. Through continued use, the lack of reinforcement could lead to the fuel … more

    • 2017 Ford Super Duty

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  2. Powertrain

    On certain vehicles, the turbocharger oil supply tube may have been improperly brazed. This could allow engine oil to leak and come in contact with hot surfaces, increasing the risk … more

    • 2017 Ford Flex

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  3. Seats And Restraints

    On certain vehicles, the left rear seat back frame may have insufficient weld penetration between the pivot bracket and the pivot pin due to an error during welding setup. Improperly … more

    • 2017 Ford Fusion

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  4. Seats And Restraints

    On certain vehicles, deployment of the driver or front passenger seatbelt pretensioner in a crash may generate internal pretensioner temperatures that can degrade the tensile strength of the outboard seat … more

    • 2013 Ford Fusion

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  5. Fuel Supply

    On certain vehicles, the thickness of the port wall of the Fuel Delivery Module (FDM) may be below specification and could result in the supply port cracking. If a crack … more

    • 2010 Ford Escape

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  6. Engine

    On certain vehicles equipped with 5.2 litre V8 engines, the engine oil cooler tube assembly may have insufficient crimps. This could lead to a hose separating, which would cause an … more

    • 2016 Ford Mustang

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  7. Fuel Supply

    On certain vehicles equipped with a 6.7L diesel engine and a middle position fuel tank, there could be inadequate adhesion between the protective shield and the fuel conditioning module. This … more

    • 2017 Ford Super Duty

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  8. Brakes

    Certain vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) 126 - Electronic Stability Control Systems. Vehicles that were brought to a dealer for service … more

    • 2015 Ford Edge

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  9. Structure

    On certain vehicles, the pawl spring tab in the side door latch could break. This condition typically will prevent the door from latching. In certain situations where the door is … more

    • 2013 Ford C-Max

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  10. Fuel Supply

    On certain vehicles equipped with a 3.2L diesel engine, defects in the high pressure fuel pump could result in excessive wear, leading to metallic wear particles. These particles could clog … more

    • 2015 Ford Transit

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