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Recall date
System Electrical
Models afftected
  • 2015 Ford F-150
Units affected 463,760

On certain vehicles equipped with an engine block heater, water and corrosive contaminants may damage and corrode the block heater cable's splice connector.

This could cause a short-circuit, which may result in overheated or melted wiring, increasing the risk of fire causing injury and/or damage to property.

Additionally, it could cause the block heater to be inoperative, and/or trip household breakers or GFCI equipped outlets while the block heater is plugged in.

Correction: Dealers will inspect and replace the block heater cable if it is found damaged or corroded.

If there are no signs of damage or corrosion, dealers will pack the terminal connector with dielectric grease and reconnect it.

Note: Ford recommends that owners not use the block heater until an inspection has been completed.

Please see the Ford recall notification letter for further information.

Additional information may be available on Transport Canada's website