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Recall date
System Fuel Supply
Models afftected
  • 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom
Units affected 2

On certain vehicles, the fuel filler neck was incorrectly manufactured.

Specifically, the anti-misfueling device is missing.

This component prevents refuelling with the wrong fuel type (i.e.

diesel) and also discharges static electricity during refueling.

If the vehicle fuel tank is replenished with an incorrect fuel type, the engine could stall.

A loss of vehicle propulsion, in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the driver’s reactions, could increase the risk of a crash.

A static electrical discharge while refuelling the vehicle could result in a fire.

These issues could lead to property damage and/or personal injury.

Correction: Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the fuel filler neck assembly.

Additional information may be available on Transport Canada's website