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  1. Cruise Origin Unveiled as GM’s New Driverless Car
  2. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Watch: This Electric DeLorean Drifts for Science

    In order to learn more about how autonomous cars handle emergency manoeuvres and help make the technology safer and more reliable, a team of mechanical engineers at Stanford University has created a driverless DMC DeLorean and programmed it to drift around a slalom course at the Thunderhill Raceway Park in … Full story

  3. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Your Car Knows a Lot About You, Investigation Reveals

    Similar to the gold rush of the 19 century, companies in today’s world are rushing to get their hands on a prized possession: data. More specifically, your data. Officially, they say they use it to improve the products and services we buy and use for a more personalized experience, but … Full story

  4. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Electric Cars: Key Terms Explained

    You know what displacement, horsepower and L/100 km all mean. These automotive terms exist since, well, pretty much the invention of automobiles. Electric cars are a different creature, however. They have their own unique features and a unique vocabulary. A Few Definitions Fossil fuels are out, electrons are in! Let’s … Full story

  5. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Screens in Cars: When Will the Madness End?

    Cell phones have become a real nightmare on the road. Fortunately, most governments have implemented new laws to deter drivers from texting behind the wheel and prevent similar distractions. At the same time, however, modern cars are being equipped with increasingly large displays that drivers can legally check anytime they … Full story

  6. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Ford Announces Over-the-air Updates, Larger Screen than Model 3

    Ford has just made two big announcements—literally—that will make drivers very happy. First, the company will begin equipping most redesigned vehicles with advanced over-the-air update (OTA) technology, making it easy to wirelessly upgrade vehicles with quality, capability and convenience updates that can help improve vehicles over time and reduce dealer … Full story

  7. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Apple Co-founder has Given up on Fully Autonomous Cars

    While long-range electric vehicles are seemingly taking the auto industry by storm, driverless cars still have a ways to go before they hit public roads. In fact, the technology may never be intelligent and reliable enough for fully autonomous cars to become a reality “in my lifetime,” said Apple co-founder … Full story

  8. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles What is Mild Hybrid Technology, Exactly?

    There’s a battery revolution taking place in the auto industry as today’s cars shift from conventional powertrains to electrified ones. You know about electric vehicles (EV) and hybrids, but what about mild hybrid vehicles? Let’s see… Mild Hybrid Technology: A Quick Explanation While its development has been going on for … Full story

  9. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Tesla Announces its Biggest Software Update Ever

    Tesla yesterday announced Software Version 10.0, its biggest software update ever. Once again, this is done over-the-air and the new entertainment, gaming, music and convenience features that are part of it should definitely get owners excited. The most impressive addition has to be the valet-type functionality called “Smart Summon.” Customers … Full story

  10. Technology/Autonomous Vehicles Check out Jaguar Land Rover’s Awesome 3D Technology

    Jaguar and Land Rover products are some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced on the market, even entry-level models like the 2020 Range Rover Evoque with its available ClearSight system. However, there is more awesome stuff down the… Full story

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