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  1. Recalls Toyota Recalls 625,000 Priuses Over Software Problem

    Toyota just announced that its best-selling hybrid, the Prius, has to be recalled for a problem in its electric drivetrain. In some case, the software that controls the electric motor and the hybrid controller can cause the circuit board’s transistors to heat up. Usually, this would cause a warning light … Full story

  2. Recalls Hyundai Recalls 140,000 Sonatas

    Big news! Hyundai just recalled 140,000 Sonatas, built between April 25th and December 4th, 2014. These vehicles might encounter a problem with the front-passenger seatbelt, which might not lock in place. Concerned owners will receive a letter in the upcoming weeks asking them to report to their dealership in order … Full story

  3. Recalls Takata Recall: 2001-2005 Honda Civic Added To The List

    The most recent addition to the infamous Takata recall is an especially popular model: the 2001-2005 Honda Civic (and the 2003-2007 Accord). These cars were built with a Takata-branded airbag, which contains a faulty inflator. In a crash hard enough to activate the car’s passive safety system, said inflator could … Full story

  4. Recalls Takata's Recall Hits Japan

    So far, pretty much every vehicle in the Takata recall –where a defective inflator could over-inflate the airbags, which could then explode and send shrapnel into the passenger’s face– has been located in North America, and more specifically in regions where high temperature and increased humidity could exacerbate the risk … Full story

  5. Recalls Double Recall For Ford

    Bad news for Ford: the Dearborn manufacturer has to recall nearly 500,000 vehicles in North America for an electric power steering problem, and they also announced another recall, this one targeting around 20,000 Ecoboost Mustangs. The first mechanical problem is with the electric power steering; it can fail and come … Full story

  6. Recalls Porsche's 918 Spyder Getting Recalled... Again

    The fastest of all Porsches, the 918 Spyder, has just been recalled; according to investigations by the manufacturer, a piece of carbon fibre could chafe the engine loom, which could eventually cause a loss of power or even a fire. Hurry up and warn every 918 owner you know. We … Full story

  7. Recalls Takata Airbags: More And More Recalls

    The Takata airbag recall is still ongoing, with a new wave of vehicles to be recalled. More than 10 million cars worldwide have been added to the list of vehicles equipped with a problematic airbag. As a reminder, Japanese safety equipment manufacturer Takata was accused of selling a defective airbag … Full story

  8. Recalls 4 Recalls For Ford

    The latest manufacturer to have to send out recall notices is Ford; instead of drawing them out one by one, they decided to get it over with by sending out 4 of them at the same time: The first is the biggest and targets around 520,000 vehicles including 2013-2015 Lincoln … Full story

  9. Recalls 2015 Volkswagen Golf Recalled

    Everything isn’t perfect in Golf land. While the small car is one of the most engaging to drive in its price range, it seems that it’s not impervious to recalls: a problem supposedly arose with the fuel pump that could lead to more damage. On said pump, the nickel plating … Full story

  10. Recalls Your Nissan Altima Might Be Recalled

    If you are currently driving a Nissan Altima built between 2013 and 2015, this announcement might interest you: a recall has been issued for the midsize sedan. Supposedly, a latch in the hood could break, which could cause said hood to open without warning; needless to say, this could be … Full story

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