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  1. Recalls Aston Martin Recalls Cars for Door Lock Issues

    Do you know someone who owns an Aston Martin? If you do, consider yourself lucky and ask for a ride; these are exceptional machines that deserve to be enjoyed. However, Transport Canada just published a warning for the locks and the door mechanism. On every single DB9 produced between 2009 … Full story

  2. Recalls Recall Notice for the Chrysler 200, the Jeep Cherokee, the Jeep Renegade and the Ram ProMaster City

    Transport Canada recently announced a recall notice regarding a problem with the nine-speed automatic transmission of certain FCA models. In some cases, the transmission wire harness could have been improperly crimped, and as a result, the lever could unexpectedly shift into neutral. If that happens, the vehicle would obviously lose … Full story

  3. Recalls Yet Another Recall for the Porsche 918 Spyder

    The Porsche 918 Spyder has been recalled on several occasions since its launch. It never had any major problems, but the German manufacturer preferred not to take any chances and contacted every single owner of the supercar, asking them to bring them in for repairs. The first recall was about … Full story

  4. Recalls Takata Recall: Another 12 Million Vehicles Added to the List

    Here's yet another chapter in the Takata airbag scandal: no less than 12 million vehicles have been added to the recalled vehicles list. In case you weren’t aware, many manufacturers were contracting Takata to manufacture their airbags. During the process, Takata used a chemical that degrade over time. In an … Full story

  5. Recalls Double Recall for the Fiat 500 and Jeep Wrangler

    Here is an interesting double recall from FCA: globally, 41 000 units of the Fiat 500 and about half a million Jeep Wranglers need to go back to the shop to be potentially repaired. Let’s start with the Fiats. On the 500 city car produced between 2012 and 2016, a … Full story

  6. Recalls 3500 Subarus Recalled for Steering Problems

    The 2016-2017 Subaru Legacy and Outback are now the target of a recall: Transport Canada recently published a warning about those vehicles. On some of these, parts of the steering column might be defective. This could cause the car to lose its steering capabilities, which is a safety risk if … Full story

  7. Recalls Takata Airbag Recall: Another 40 Million Cars Added to the List

    Takata just announced that between 35 and 40 million cars had to be added to the recall list. The total number now hovers around 69 million units… Every single airbag made by Takata has to be recalled. For now, the side-impact and rear airbags aren’t affected. This means that there … Full story

  8. Recalls Tesla Must Recall The Model X

    Bad news for Tesla: a few short weeks after starting to deliver its much-awaited Model X SUV, the Californian manufacturer will have to recall pretty much every single SUV they sold. Every Model X built between September 2015 and March 26, 2016 were built with a defect in the third … Full story

  9. Recalls More BMWs Affected by Takata Recall

    We haven’t talked about it for a few weeks now, but the Takata airbag scandal isn’t done yet: more than 104,000 vehicles from BMW have been added to the long casualty list in Canada. As a reminder, the problem is located in the airbag’s inflator. In the affected vehicles, said … Full story

  10. Recalls Porsche is checking Cayenne models as a preventative measure

    Porsche is recalling 409,477 Cayenne models worldwide from model years 2011 to 2016 to the workshop for a precautionary check, 10,235 thereof in Canada. The reason for this is that a circlip could be loose on the bearing bracket for pedals. The correct assembly will be checked in the workshop. Full story

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