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  1. Chevrolet’s New Electric SUV Debuts… for China
  2. Electric The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, of All SUVs, is Going Electric

    The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is by far one of the oldest and most iconic SUVs on the planet. The all-new model introduced for 2019 came 40 years after the original made its debut. According to Daimler's Head of Digital Transformation, Sascha Pallenberg, the automaker did consider putting an end to the … Full story

  3. Electric Tesla’s Electric Pickup Has an Official Launch Date

    We now know precisely when and where the highly anticipated Tesla pickup will make its global debut. Referring to it as “Cybertruck,” CEO Elon Musk has just tweeted that the event will take place on November 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory. That’s three days before the start of the … Full story

  4. Electric Volkswagen Teases Canada-bound Electric Crossover Yet Again

    Volkswagen is giving us our best look yet at the production version of its future electric crossover, which will be introduced next year and sold in Canada starting in early 2021, as company spokesman Thomas Tetzlaff confirmed to Automotive News Canada . During an event in China, the German automaker … Full story

  5. Electric The Tesla Model S-Porsche Taycan Battle is Seriously Heating up

    The longtime benchmark for electric sedans is seemingly very upset with that new kid on the block. Following the world premiere of the Porsche Taycan in early September, Tesla sent a highly modified prototype of the Model S to the legendary Nürburgring race track to beat the lap time record … Full story

  6. Electric Researchers Successfully Charge an Electric Car in 10 Minutes

    Ten minutes of charging for 320 kilometres of range. That’s the incredible feat achieved by a team of engineers and researchers at Penn State University, who hope to solve the biggest hurdle to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. How did they do it? Well, they simply increased the temperature … Full story

  7. News Ford's Electric SUV Finally Has a Reveal Date

    No more speculation! Ford has just announced that its all-new, Mustang-inspired electric SUV will celebrate its world premiere in less than a month on November 17, 2019. While the idea of building an SUV on the legendary pony car is making quite a few Mustang purists cringe, we’re hearing the … Full story

  8. Electric Tesla Model 3’s Range Increased to Over 400 Km

    When it first went on sale in Canada, the Tesla Model 3 was an entry-level electric sedan capable of travelling 354 kilometres on a full charge. A few months later, the company increased its range to 386 kilometres in base trim—just a little more than the Chevrolet Bolt EV at … Full story

  9. Electric Ford Announces Free Charging at Over 12,000 Stations

    As it prepares to hit the market with a Mustang-inspired electric crossover next year, Ford has announced plans to offer more electric vehicle (EV) public charging stations in North America than any other automaker. The FordPass Charging Network will feature more than 12,000 charging stations, including approximately 1,400 in Canada. Full story

  10. Electric New Porsche Taycan 4S Model is Slightly More Affordable

    As promised, Porsche is expanding the all-new Taycan range with the addition of a 4S model that’s slightly more affordable than the Turbo and Turbo S we’ve already tested. While these two generate up to 751 horsepower and offer a range of 381-450 kilometres, the Porsche Taycan 4S is a … Full story

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