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  1. This Special-edition Subaru Forester Has a Dubious Acronym
  2. Buzz Tesla Roadster Re-imagined in Cybertruck Guise

    What would happen if you crossed the upcoming Tesla Roadster with the newly unveiled Cybertruck ? It’s a question no one has ever asked (we think), yet the answer can be found in this rendering posted on Twitter earlier this month. A modern take on the famous DMC DeLorean? We … Full story

  3. Buzz Here’s a Mazda RX-7 with Four Rotors, 1,000 Hp and Mad Sound Effects

    Hoping to relive the magic of the LeMans-winning 787B race car, a Mazda RX-7 owner by the name of David Mazzei has completely transformed the powertrain by using the iconic, four-rotor R26B engine from the Japanese automaker. This extremely high-revving 2.6-litre mill originally produced 700 horsepower, but Mazzei somehow managed … Full story

  4. Buzz This Nissan LEAF is a Rolling Christmas Tree

    Do we need to remind you what a bad year Nissan has had? Fraud scandals involving some of its top officials, freefalling profits, 10,000 jobs to be cut around the world, cars being dropped from the lineup. In the U.S., Nissan will even suspend operations for two days in January … Full story

  5. Buzz Acura Restores its First SUV and it is Subtly Awesome

    Remember the old Acura SLX? Maybe not. The Japanese luxury brand’s first SUV was sold exclusively in the U.S. in the late 1990s as a clone of the Isuzu Trooper. It was replaced at the turn of the century by the MDX —arguably one of the smartest decisions Acura has … Full story

  6. Buzz New Record: From New York to Los Angeles in 27.5 Hours

    Driving across America from coast to coast in the shortest amount of time has been an obsession of many drivers for decades, especially since the advent of the Cannonball Run. Officially, this “race” no longer exists as it involves speeding on public roads and other traffic violations. But that doesn’t … Full story

  7. Buzz This Winter-busting Civic has Tracks and Four Turbos

    The Honda Civic has been the best-selling car in the country for more than 20 years. Canadians love driving this Japanese compact, perhaps as much as playing in the snow. Kyle Williams, a gearhead better known for his YouTube channel Boosted Lifestyle , found a spectacular way to combine both—and … Full story

  8. Buzz LEGO Unveils its Own Version of Cybertruck

    Everyone has an opinion on the new Tesla Cybertruck . Ever since the polarizing electric pickup was unveiled to the world last Thursday, a lot of people have been mocking it or questioning its abilities on social media. Even rival automakers from BMW to Ford have chimed in, the latter … Full story

  9. Buzz Thor 24: The Most Epic Big-rig Truck Ever Built

    As founder and president of Caribou Industries based in California, Mike Harrah is an avid racer, helicopter stunt pilot and designer of custom exotic cars and big-rig trucks. His latest and ultimate creation, which took seven years and about $10 million to build down in Arizona, is just out of … Full story

  10. Buzz Here’s How to Get a Manual Toyota Supra… With 1,000 Hp

    European Auto Group, which is based in Texas but specializes in the repair, restoration and customization of European cars from all makes and models, has a unique project that involves the very Japanese and automatic-only 2020 Toyota GR Supra . Many fans were disappointed when the car’s chief engineer confirmed … Full story

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