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  1. NBA Star Designs the World’s Ugliest Car… as a Prank
  2. Buzz Ford Wants to Introduce the World’s First Pickup Truck Emoji

    Ford is currently working on the world’s smallest pickup truck and, if all goes according to plan, we could see it everywhere pretty soon. No, it’s not a more compact version of the Ranger , not even a die-cast model or a Hot Wheels toy. Today, July 17, is World … Full story

  3. Buzz Video: 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Puts on a Show

    While the all-new, track-only Ford GT Mk II made headlines at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. last weekend, and deservedly so, another powerful and super-fast car from the Blue Oval company put on a show for the crowd. We’re talking about the equally new … Full story

  4. Buzz This Luxurious BMW X7 Pickup is a Factory-backed Conversion

    You don’t need to look at sales numbers to realize that pickups are immensely popular right now. In fact, there are more models and configurations available than ever. That doesn’t stop people from wanting more, however, even on the luxury side of the market. Mercedes-Benz launched the X-Class (though not … Full story

  5. Buzz Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Gasoline Cars in This Funny Clip

    In a new commercial produced by Veloz , actor and former California governor Arnold Scharzenegger is mocking gasoline-powered cars by impersonating a dubious used car salesman. Disguised with a mustache and a Hawaiian shirt, the Terminator meets with customers at a dealership and introduces himself as Howard Kleiner. The result … Full story

  6. Buzz Watch: This Modified Tractor Hits 165 Km/h

    When we talk about tractors here at The Car Guide , we usually mean the vehicle that pulls a trailer, not an actual tractor. But today, we’re making an exception—again. Many of you liked it when we posted a video of the Honda Mean Mower V2 , a modified lawn … Full story

  7. Buzz 1,000-Hp Jeep Gladiator: Why the Hell-cat Not?

    The all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator has been on sale for just a short while, but it already promises to be a hit. And why wouldn’t it? The Gladiator shares many design cues with the iconic Wrangler, it’s the only convertible pickup on the market (both the doors and roof can … Full story

  8. Buzz Someone Made a Tesla Pickup Even Before Tesla Did

    By now you’re probably aware that Tesla has big plans for an electric pickup . The problem is that we just don’t know when it will be ready to hit the market. Well, some fans are tired of waiting and at least one of them took matters into their own … Full story

  9. Buzz Meet the “Million Dollar Scirocco”

    Remember the Volkswagen Scirocco? Sales of this Golf-based, three-door hatchback ended in Canada in 1989, and we never got the third and final generation (2008-2017) because the company feared it could negatively affect the Golf GTI. Also, the increasing gap between the U.S. dollar and the Euro made the Scirocco’s … Full story

  10. Buzz Watch: Honda Mean Mower V2 Goes From 0-160 Km/h in Six Seconds!

    How often do you see a lawn tractor set a Guinness World Record? Honda’s Mean Mower V2 did just that, securing the title of the fastest acceleration for a lawnmower. With stunt driver, kart and car racer Jess Hawkins behind the wheel, the feat was achieved at the Dekra Lausitzring … Full story

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