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smart Fortwo


$14,400 – $29,990

Fuel efficiency

0.0 - 5.8 l/100km

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The Smart Fortwo was one the very first city cars to reach Canadian shores, and its European styling is set off by its removable - and swappable - plastic body panels. The Smart Fortwo only seats two passengers, but it can be had in both hatchback and convertible editions. All models feature a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine that generates 70 horses and 68 lb-ft of twist, and a five-speed automated manual transmission sends that output to the vehicle's front wheels.

Green light

  • Good fuel economy
  • Good town car
  • Comfortable seats
  • Electric trim

Red light

  • Two-seater only
  • Reduced cargo space
  • Weak transmission
  • Sensitive to lateral winds
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