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smart Fortwo


$14,400 – $29,990

Fuel efficiency

0.0 - 5.8 l/100km

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The smart microcar has been sneaking its way through traffic on Canadian roads for several years already, earning its fair share of fans along the way. The second generation did away with the original diesel engine, replacing it with a 70-hp 1.0L 3-cylinder gas engine. But the big news this year is the zero-emission electric drive model. With a 150-km range, it is sure to win over a good number of drivers.

Green light

  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Revamped electric model
  • Comfortable seats
  • Agility guaranteed

Red light

  • Two-seater only
  • Limited power
  • Sensitive to side winds
  • Limited suspension clearance
  • Print

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