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smart Fortwo


$14,350 – $23,900

Fuel efficiency

4.8 - 5.9 l/100km

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When it comes to the smart fortwo, there’s no need for introductions. After seven years on the Canadian market, it continues to garner attention from the public while earning praise from environmentalists. The base model is equipped with a small 1.0L 3-cylinder combustion engine that produces a mere 70 hp. Buyers can now opt for an electric version whose range is 135 km. A convertible version is also available.

Green light

  • Convertible version
  • We like the electric version!
  • Bigger than you think
  • Still has a fun style, even seven years later
  • Surprisingly comfortable seats
  • So little fuel required

Red light

  • Only seats two
  • Not a fan of snowstorms
  • Power? What power?
  • The transmission is like a rocking chair
  • Sensitive to side winds


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