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Rolls-Royce Ghost


$256,650 – $296,000

Fuel efficiency

10.1 - 17.3 l/100km

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It might be a little ironic to mention that this is the «most affordable” Rolls, but the fact remains that the Ghost sells for a little less than the brand’s other vehicles. But, yes, it’s not exactly what you’d call a bargain, either. Although its exterior is a little less lavish, there’s really no lack of luxury in this vehicle. Plus, buyers can opt to equip it with almost anything imaginable. Like the brand’s other models, it is powered by a purring V12 engine.

Green light

  • Impressive handling
  • Remarkably smooth and quiet ride
  • Refined fit, trim and presentation
  • Abundant equipment

Red light

  • Extravagant price
  • Gigantic rear-view mirrors
  • Imposing size and weight
  • Interface can sometimes be confusing
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