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RAM ProMaster City


$30,745 – $32,745

Fuel efficiency

8.3 - 11.2 l/100km

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The Ram ProMaster City is a compact van made for companies that have to be mobile in an urban setting. The engine is a 2.4L four cylinder with 178 horsepower. The cabin is jammed packed with storage compartments and offers 3729 litres of space behind the front seats. It can be used to transport cargo or passengers depending on the version we choose.

Green light

  • Practical format for urban settings
  • Solidly built
  • Good headlights
  • Surprisingly comfortable seats
  • Very short turning radius

Red light

  • Unconvincing design
  • Unmotivated engine
  • Is it really intended for families?
  • Unproven reliability
  • No AWD


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