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Ford C-Max


$27,465 – $32,118

Fuel efficiency

6.2 - 5.7 l/100km

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Ford’s multipurpose vehicle is getting up there in age, but as the electrification of the automobile is expanding, the C-MAX is becoming more and more relevant. Its hybrid powertrain develops 188 horsepower and provides a combined fuel economy rating of 5.9 L/100 km, while in the case of the plug-in hybrid version, we benefit from a driving range estimated at 33 km on a full charge. The C-MAX accommodates up to five passengers in a compact and easy-to-park format.

Green light

  • Very respectable fuel consumption
  • Decent handling
  • Surprising performance
  • Good visibility
  • Comfortable car

Red light

  • Heavy vehicle (especially the Energi)
  • Hyper-sensitive brake pedal
  • Few storage compartments
  • Trunk can't hold much (Energi)
  • Fairly high price (Energi)
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