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Fisker Karma 2013


$106,850 – $120,000 (estimated)

Fuel efficiency

2.0 - 2.4 l/100km

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The Fisker Karma is a high-end hybrid that offers the ability to recharge its electric batteries via a standard wall plug. The Fisker Karma offers roughly 50 km of battery-only driving before its gasoline engine kicks in to add 400 additional km of range. When both the battery and the gas-powered generator are contributing to the Karma’s forward momentum in Sport mode, the vehicle boasts 403 horsepower and 959 lb-ft of torque. It takes between six and 14 hours to charge the Karma.

Green light

  • Breathtaking appearance
  • Good balance between comfort and road holding
  • You'll be the only person on your street to own one
  • Good for the planet

Red light

  • Fuel consumption higher than one would imagine
  • Uneven balance between refinement and price
  • Awkward in a parking lot
  • Rear seats are pretty tight
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