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Audi A8



Fuel efficiency

7.4 - 12.1 l/100km

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The brand's flagship sedan, the A8, has been redesigned for 2019 and adds sophistication with a high-tech, semi-autonomous driving system. Now offered in a single, long-wheelbase format, the new A8 is more spacious and serves up a cabin with a vast selection of wood accents and metallic trim. Under the hood, there’s a 335-horsepower, turbo V6 with a mild hybrid system, while a twin-turbo V8 with about 460 horsepower will eventually be added as well.

Green light

  • Advanced technology
  • Excellent handling
  • Luxurious and comfortable cabin
  • Light hybrid engines
  • Level 3 autonomous driving

Red light

  • Conservative style
  • High price
  • Options are very costly
  • Heavy vehicle
  • Print

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