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Aston Martin Rapide



Fuel efficiency

10.9 - 16.8 l/100km

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If James Bond ever settles down to have a family, he’ll almost certainly opt for an Aston Martin Rapide S. The Rapide S combines the brand’s various sport coupe design elements with the practicality of a sedan, making it the most versatile of all Aston Martin vehicles so far. With rear seats that make you feel as though you’re travelling in a private jet, this unconventional sedan relies on a V12 that generates 552 horsepower and 465 lb·ft of torque.

Green light

  • Exquisite lines
  • Powerful V12 engine
  • Nice balance on the road
  • Space and comfort for four

Red light

  • No gadgets or connectivity
  • Price is sky-high
  • Imperfect reliability record
  • Dealership network is limited
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