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Frédérick Boucher-Gaulin

Born in the remote Quebec town of Rouyn-Noranda, Frédérick Boucher-Gaulin knew he wanted to work around cars ever since he was a child. After spending his teenage years learning how to turn a wrench on cars—usually through trial and error—and perfecting his driving skills on the roads and trails around his hometown, he moved to Quebec City to study Car Sales, earning a professional diploma in the process. He spent a number of years selling cars at various dealerships.

After moving in the Montreal region, he worked as a valet, a job that enabled him to drive a wide variety of vehicles. This gave him the idea of writing his impressions of the vehicles he had to park. After being convinced to publish his short articles, he took his first steps into the world of automotive journalism by creating and managing his own blog.

Now a writer with LC Média, Frédérick is tasked with feeding and with fresh news, and keeping tabs on the latest trends and changes in the automotive world. His job also involves contributing to a wide range of projects in the Le Guide de l'auto print publication and on the websites.

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  1. Blog Christmas Gift Ideas: Combining Cars and Furniture for Christmas

    For true car lovers, the more they surround themselves with objects that remind them of their passion, the happier they are. Often, that means scale models or pens featuring their favourite manufacturer’s logo. There are also decorative objects, like posters or frames filled with beautiful photographs. Some people even go … Full story

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    The advent of new technologies like smart phones and navigation systems may have you thinking that the good, old paper road map is headed for extinction. However, plenty of places still sell them and a lot of people can’t go without their faithful map folded tucked into the glove compartment. Full story

  3. Technology Three Kinds of Heated Seats

    Good things come in threes, including heated seats. There are those installed directly at the factory by the manufacturer, those added by an accessory specialist, and the removable ones you can buy at your local department store. The first type is relatively straightforward, as most luxury vehicles and an increasing … Full story

  4. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Remote Starters: Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold

    A remote starter is one of those accessories that you don’t think is useful until you own a vehicle equipped with one. Once you’ve gotten a taste for getting into a warm vehicle on winter mornings, it’s hard to live without. In a lot of new vehicles, you can choose … Full story

  5. Tips & Advice: Protect your car Block Heaters: Because Your Engine Can Get Cold Too

    Although not as popular as they once were, especially since not all city cars need them, engine block heaters are still on the market. But how do they work and, more importantly, do you need one? Firstly, it’s important to understand how a block heater works. It’s a heating element—a … Full story