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117,000 Volkswagen Cars Recalled for Shifter Glitch

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Volkswagen is announcing a recall on 117,306 cars in Canada due to a unique problem with the transmission.

According to the technical description, a build-up of silicate on the shift lever switch could cause the transmission to detect that it is in the Park position when it actually isn't.

Consequently, the automaker says, this could allow the ignition key to be removed when the transmission is not in the Park position. And if the parking brake is not applied, the car could roll away accidentally.

Now, this begs a question or two, like who would think it’s a good idea to try and remove the ignition key while driving or reversing? Or who would apply the parking brake while driving (other than people who like to drift)?

Anyway, Volkswagen will send a mailed notice to owners instructing them to take their car to a dealer to have a new shift lever micro switch and control unit installed.

Models affected by this recall include the 2012-2018 Beetle, 2015 and 2018-2019 Golf, 2015-2019 Golf Sportwagen, 2015-2019 GTI and 2011-2017 Jetta.

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