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More Information About The Karma Revero

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We already told you about the return of the Fisker Karma; this sleek-looking sedan survived the bankruptcy of its original maker and will return as the Revero. Now owned by Chinese industrialist Wanxiang, the new automaker—named Karma—will soon start building the car again.

However, the Revero won’t be a carbon-copy of the Karma. While it looks the same and has the same basic powertrain compared to when it came out, the engineers drove three tester vehicles for 160 000 kilometres to discover exactly what was wrong with them. They changed a number of components.

First of all, the batteries are all-new and have a capacity of 21.1 kWh, which gives the car an electric range of 80 km. The motors are the same, but their output has been increased: the Revero goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, which is 0.3 second less than the Karma. The solar panel mounted on the car's roof has also been optimized, and after a full day of charge in sunny weather, the Revero will gain 2.4 kilometres of range.

One of the Fisker Karma’s main problems was that there were so many electric gremlins that the overall experience wasn’t as pleasant as it could have been. This is why the Revero’s wiring was redone from scratch.

Karma plans on building 12 000 vehicles per year. The Revero will be sold in Canada, but we don’t know where… or what the exact price will be.

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