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Valentino Balboni Enters the World of Exhaust Systems

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Does the name Valentino Balboni ring a bell? If you know your Italian supercars, you might remember the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 of the same name. The car was named after Lamborghini’s test pilot, who has been fine-tuning the brand’s vehicles' driving characteristics since the seventies. Valentino started to work at Lamborghini in 1967, having been hired by Ferrucio himself. He eventually got promoted to test driver, where he helped shape the driving experience of every single supercar that came out of Sant’Agata since 1973.

Today, M. Balboni enters a new segment: its business, VB, has announced that they would produce a line of exhaust systems. Knowing where Valentino Balboni worked all its life, nobody will be surprised to learn that said exhausts will be only for Lambos.

The first exhaust system will be tailored for the Aventador SV. It is made out of titanium and only weighs 6.25 kg. It will also use the vehicle’s OEM mounting point. We’re not sure exactly how the 6.5-litre V12’s sound can be improved, but if Valentino Balboni himself is willing to put its name on the final product, it should be faithful to Lamborghini’s philosophy.

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