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Karma will Follow Tesla's Example

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A few years ago, a very sleek-looking hybrid car arrived on the market: the Fisker Karma combined a GM drivetrain with electric motors. Designed by Henrik Fisker, the Karma sadly didn’t live up to expectations; after some financial setbacks, Fisker went under.

The company was sold, and is back in business under Chinese ownership. It is now branded Karma, and the car is now named Revero.

To sell this car, Karma will use a sales system that recently made its way into the automotive world: instead of selling licenses to dealers, Karma will open their own shops, just like Tesla.

The young company will start by opening 10 shops throughout the United States. According to Karma, they want their shops to feel like a discovery centre; there, potential customers will be able to learn more about the vehicle and eventually buy one, without pressure.

The first shop will open its doors in Orange County. Then, Karma hopes to officially launch the Revero. We only saw some teaser shots so far, but we’re pretty sure the car's styling hasn't changed. It should also start at more than USD$100,000.

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