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Koenigsegg Beats Its Own 0-300-0 Km/h Record

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In 2011, Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg pulverised the world record for getting from a standstill to 300 km/h and back to a complete stop; their powerful Agera R did it in 21.19 seconds, beating the Bugatti Veyron.

With their most recent creation, the One:1 (named for its power to weight ratio of 1, meaning it weighs 1360 kg and has 1360 horsepower), Koenigsegg decided to see if it could improve on the record. Using the landing strip located behind their factory, they stuffed a driver into the car and asked them to go as fast as possible.

By looking at the above video, we can see that the One:1 had no trouble beating its predecessor with a time of 17.95 seconds (3.24 seconds better than the Agera R). By looking closer at the images, we can see a few important things:

Top speed was not 300 km/h, but actually 340 km/h

The car is so stable that the driver doesn’t actually hold the steering wheel most of the time (!)

And the car is actually 50 kg heavier than the production version, because it was fitted with a roll cage.

If you have difficulty putting those numbers into perspective, consider this: if you were to floor the throttle in a 1971 VW Beetle at the same time the One:1 dropped its electronically-actuated clutch, the Swedish supercar would reach 300 km/h AND fully stop before you hit 100 km/h.

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