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Fisker Is (Almost) Back In Business

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Do you remember Fisker? The American brand was born in 2007 and had the ambition of revolutionizing the electric car segment. At the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, they unveiled the Karma, a sleek plug-in hybrid sedan (one of the first of this type in North America) that featured a GM engine which acted as a generator. Fisker obtained a loan from the government thanks to their eco-friendly nature and started producing cars in 2011. Sadly, numerous financial difficulties crippled the young start-up, and they had to file for bankruptcy.

Recently however, a Chinese consortium bought Fisker’s remains with the intention of bringing it back from automaker limbo; the Wanxiang Group invested funds in the brand and they seem ready to show the world that Fisker still exists.

The first branch to re-open is customer service. Wanxiang wants to ensure that the first people to benefit from Fisker’s return are those who trusted them in the first place.

For now, Fisker has announced 15 service shops that are accredited for repairing Karmas; this number will increase over time. Each owner will also receive $2,000 in parts and service. Furthermore, those who are the original owners of their Karma will get an additional $2,000 in parts and $1,000 in labor to get their vehicles in shape.

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