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Rolls-Royce Will Build An SUV

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This is yet another sign of the unstoppable march of time. After fiercely opposing the idea of an SUV or a crossover, renowned English automaker Rolls-Royce will finally agree to the pleas of its wealthy buyers; in a few years, we can expect to see a truck in its lineup.

Rolls-Royce has always been a manufacturer that was slow to change. While others made trucks, SUVs, sports cars and wagons, it stuck with the sedans and limousines with which it made its reputation. In the last years however, we have seen more and more cars that were designed to be driven by their owners and not by a chauffeur (the Wraith is a great example of this).

In a letter sent to shareholders and long-time buyers, Rolls-Royce announced that it was working on a vehicle with a ''high-riding body'' that would be able to ''cross any terrain''. While they did not mention the words sport utility vehicle, that's pretty much what this description implies.

There is no official timetable yet, but we will follow this announcement closely.

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