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Koenigsegg Unveils Two Surprises At Geneva

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As you probably know, Koenigsegg is a small Swedish manufacturer that has been building very high-end supercars for a number of years. After unveiling the One:1, a land-speed missile with 1,340 horsepower, the brand is about to surprise us once again at the upcoming Geneva auto show.

The first piece of news is a press release concerning the Agera RS, which will slot above the ''regular'' Agera R (as regular as a 1,115 horsepower supercar that can reach 400 km/h can be, anyway...). As far as we can speculate, this will be a lighter, more track-focused model.

The second bit is a little more mysterious, because the only information we have so far is the name ''Regera''. Koenigsegg mentions that this vehicle will be a megacar. This may shed some light on what will be unveiled, since the manufacturer has already used the description for its One:1 (because its engine generates one megawatt of power, or 1,340 horsepower). If I had to extrapolate, I would say that we can expect a car based on the Agera's chassis, with over 1,400 horsepower and possibly fitted with a regenerative braking system.

We will find out what the Swedish company has in mind on March 3rd, when Koenigsegg unveils these two vehicles.

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