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The US Army Will Sell You A Humvee

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The Humvee, a military troop transport vehicle that has acquired a near-mythical reputation since the Gulf war, was not available for civilians to buy. Sure, there was the Hummer H1, but this truck was softer than the Humvee: it had insulation, more comfort (like leather seats and A/C) and featured a GM Duramax engine. Recently however, the US government announced that they would authorize the sale of used military Humvees.

They will auction off around 4,000 vehicles. The first round of the auction will see 25 trucks hit the block, and the rest will be sold during the next year.

Most of the Humvees (by the way, that nickname comes from the full name of the truck: High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, abbreviated HMMWV, pronounced Humvee) are models built in the '90s, and some only have 1,400 miles on their odometers. All the military vehicles start with a $10,000 bid.

There are a few catches, however: First of all, they don't come with a property title. Second, they can only be used off-road, since the government won't issue license plates for them. Finally, each buyer must write a letter explaining why they want a Humvee and how they will use it. The government doesn't want to sell an ex-military vehicle to a terrorist, after all...

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