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Japan Will Get a Smart Fortwo EV Disney Edition

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If you needed further proof that Japan was a country with a VERY different mindset, take a look at this new Smart Fortwo EV Disney Limited Edition.

Only 40 units will be produced, and they will all feature the same paint scheme: red bodywork panels, yellow mirror covers and a black Tridium cell covered in Disney’s distinctive logo. With the white wheels, the car features all four colors that Mickey Mouse wears. Inside, the car features black leather with red stitching and floor mats embroidered with a plaque certifying the car’s rarity.

Mechanically, the Smart Fortwo EV remains unchanged, meaning it is still powered by a 55 kW motor. It can go 145 km on a single charge, accelerate up to 125 km/h or sprint from 0 to 100 in 11.5 seconds, depending on the weight of your right foot.

What do you think? Should this Smart get an international release?

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