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Rolls-Royce Amazes Beijing With the Phantom Pinnacle Travel

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To celebrate the Chinese love of travelling (they are currently the world’s biggest travellers, spending $155 billion in 2013) and the success of their Bespoke program, Rolls-Royce unveiled in Beijing a custom-made Phantom, the Pinnacle Travel.

The model shown in Beijing is painted Madeira Red, and the two-tone lateral panels are Silver Sand. Other combinations, like Silver Haze on Infinity Black, or Palladium on Melanite are also offered. But since we are talking about a Bespoke car, you could easily order it Canary Yellow on Bubblegum Pink if you wished…

However, it is inside that this Phantom shines. According to the manufacturer, it is the most complex, most opulent Rolls ever made. The carpets are made of pure wool, dyed to contrast with the exterior paint. The marquetry is laser-cut in over 230 different wood pieces. They are then assembled by hand, and the final product goes from the front glove box all the way to the rear-doors, where 24633 stitches complete the image. The design looks like a train running against a background, with steam on the horizon.

While the price is not mentioned, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it…

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